Singer Kim Jung-min, Espero X Kim Ho-joong cover “Endless”…

Singer Kim Jung-min, Espero X Kim Ho-joong cover “Endless”…Show off your cool singing skills.

Singer Kim Jung-min covered crossover group Espero’s “Endless” with unrivaled charm.

Singer Kim Jung-min released a cover video of Espero’s “Endless” with Kim Ho-joong on his official YouTube channel on the 18th.

Singer Kim Jung-min

In the released video, Kim Jung-min drew attention with his unique voice from the first verse.

In addition, through his husky voice, he interpreted ‘Endless’ in his own style and gave a thrill.

In particular, Kim Jung-min’s voice, which provided powerful high notes and solid singing skills, and the magnificent sound of “Endless” combined to give a different impression and lingering impression from Espero.

“Endless” is considered a popular cover song not only by Kim Jung-min but also by many artists such as singers Kwon In-ha, Kim Yong-jin, Yumi, Linu, Lee Woo, Seoul, and actor Kim Young-ho.

Meanwhile, Espero, which made its name on the music site Melon TOP100 for the first and shortest time of crossover, held a special show called “Espero Winter Romance Concert with Kim Ho-jung” with Naver NOW at 8 p.m. on the 18th.

Singer Kim Jung-min started as an amateur and a commercial singer who looks like a case of a success.
Surprisingly, he had never dreamed of becoming a singer before his debut.
Of course, he was active in music, but he liked guitar since he was a student, so he was in charge of bass guitar in a rock band in college.
Still… I’ve been a legendary singer since then. I am loved by my fans and my singing skills are also… He is a recognized singer.

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