Girl group XG releases album pack shots…Fan club pre-sale..

Girl group XG releases album pack shots…Fan club pre-sale will be held on the 24th.

The album pack shot of hip-hop R&B girl group XG (XG) has been released.

Girl group XG

On the 20th, the “SHOOTING STAR” album pack shot was opened on the official SNS channel of girl group XG (Jurin, Chisa, Hinata, Harvey, Juria, Maya, and Kokona).

According to the released “SHOOTING STAR” album pack shot, it consists of an OUTBOX with a metallic aurora design expressing a dreamy worldview, a colorful concept photo book, an accordion-type post card that can be cut and used, two XG logo stickers and a trading card.

The “SHOOTING STAR” album will be pre-sold for XG’s official fan club “ALPHAZ” from 12 p.m. on the 24th to 12 p.m. on the 25th, the next day.

As the girl group XG previously unveiled a different concept with a futurism through the “SHOOTING STAR” concept photo and music video teaser, global fans’ expectations for the album are higher than ever.

In this situation, the “SHOOTING STAR” album has increased its collection value by condensing XG’s concept toward the next stage, and attention is already being paid to what sensuous musical spectrum and unique presence it will present a new paradigm.

The “SHOOTING STAR,” which will leave an impact that XG has never seen in the global pop scene, contains a total of two songs, the title track “SHOOTING STAR” and “LEFT RIGHT,” and contains XG’s sincere heart to grow into a world-

Meanwhile, XG’s third single “SHOOTING STAR” will be released at midnight on the 25th, and the music video for the title song “SHOOTING STAR” will be released at 6 p.m.

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