Singer Kim So-ri and Bang Si-hyuk’s song debut + ‘Second..

Singer Kim So-ri and Bang Si-hyuk’s song debut + ‘Second Lee Hyo-ri’ Sexy singer “Making 4 million won over 4 years” (Recent Olympics)

Singer Kim So-ri, who was called the original military president, announced her recent status after a long time.

Singer Kim So-ri

On the YouTube channel of the “Recent Olympics” on the 20th, Bang Si-hyuk debuted with a song called “Meet Kim So-ri,” and the recent status of the members of “Youth Invincible.” A video titled ‘Glamour Sexy Singer of the 2000s’ was uploaded.

Singer Kim So-ri recalled, “It’s been a long time since I stood in front of the camera,” adding, “I think the last album in Korea was 12 years and 13 years.”

Kim So-ri made her debut in 2009 with the song “Lips Are Really” composed by Bang Si-hyuk at the time. “That song made me a military president,” he said.

He also mentioned an anecdote that he first met Bang Si-hyuk. He said, “I went to say hello (to Bang Si-hyuk) for the first time, and as soon as I saw him, I said, “What’s your name?” and said, “Your lips are so pretty.” “Okay. See you next time the song comes out.” And I was looking forward to what song he would write, and a song called “Lips Really” came out,” he recalled.

After his debut performance, he said, “Lee Hyori is here”. “It’s going to be a big hit”. I was like, “Really?” without realizing it.

Singer Kim So-ri said, “When I went to the military unit’s performance, I went right after the music program. “As soon as I arrived in a very tight situation, I went up with a microphone,” he said. He was wearing a tube top costume at the time, and I wondered what was going on because the cheers suddenly increased during the stage, but it turned out that it was because the clothes were narrowly down.

Kim So-ri also said that there were many costume restrictions due to her glamorous body. The stylist always carried something like cloth, he said. “During rehearsals, PDs and writers came and said, “I think I need to do it again.” He said the situation was caused because he looked like he should wear the same clothes as other singers.

Regarding the saying that “a singer who is wasteful of talent,” Kim So-ri said, “Every album has ‘Wonang Sori’ and is buried, and when I release an album, there is a big earthquake in Japan, so the issue is buried,” adding, “When the album is released, the broadcast is suspended.” At that time, he shouted to the sky, “Why are you only doing this to me?” and said he felt frustrated at the time.

He said, “The money I earned over the past years was 4 million won. What’s on my bank account. Anyway, I invested a lot and the company had to make profits, but it continued to be negative,” he added.

At that time, Korean celebrities often advanced to China, and Kim So-ri also decided to work in China, and since then, Korean activities have disappeared.

However, he also said that he faced another problem in China when all Korean celebrities and broadcasts were banned due to the THAAD issue.

Currently, he is working as a dance instructor in China and is spending time in a gym hosting various classes.

Finally, Kim So-ri said, “I felt that I could do it. I danced seven hours a day. It was also fun to get paid exactly when I worked hard for a month. I also earned 5 to 6 million won every month,” he said, expressing satisfaction with living a life not a singer.

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