The movie ghost rave reviews…Actor Jung Woo-sung…

The movie ghost rave reviews…Actor Jung Woo-sung. “A movie that shows the charms of actors”.

The movie Ghost is expected to continue its box office success by releasing a video recommended by celebrities as it ranked second in the Korean movie box office in the first week of its release.

movie ghost

The movie “Ghost” depicts the unstoppable operation of the real “ghost” and the struggle of suspects trapped in remote hotels, suspected of being a spy “ghost” planted by anti-Japanese organizations in the Gyeongseong and Chosun Governors in 1933.

The movie Ghost, which has been acclaimed for its intense and stylish spy action movie in the new year, attracted 163,907 viewers on the first weekend of its release, ranking second in the Korean film box office in its first week. It is drawing explosive favorable reviews from real-time viewers who watched the movie with its sophisticated production of the story of the anti-Japanese organization spy Ghost, a feast of colorful actions that make them unable to take their eyes off it, and the passionate performances of actors who vividly portray unique characters.

The celebrity recommendation video draws attention as Korean celebrities are generously praising the “ghost.” Jung Woo-sung said, “All the actors’ charms can be felt through the characters,” Jin Seo-yeon said, “In short, I want to express that they are very elegant,” Kim Ji-hoon said, “It would be nice to watch a movie in theaters during the Lunar New Year holidays,” and Han Sun-hwa said, “I feel so sexy, so exciting, and all the music is amazing.”

The spy action movie Ghost, directed by Lee Hae-young of “Believer,” is being screened in theaters nationwide.

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