Lee Seung-guk “My wife on a business trip provides a hug service?

Lee Seung-guk “My wife on a business trip provides a hug service? “I’ll Go Hug You” (Chart Shocked)

Lee Seung-guk makes a friendly comment.

MBC Everyone’s “Shocking Chart,” which airs on January 23, will unveil a chart under the theme of “The World Without You.”

Lee Seung-guk

In the broadcast on this day, the stories of people who couldn’t get out of various things such as people, TV, the Internet, and new hobbies, but were eventually dominated by them will be introduced.

Lalal introduces “Her Secret Private Life,” ranked ninth on the chart, revealing a new hobby that Saskia, the main character of the incident, is missing. Saskia felt lonely as she lived far away from her family to achieve her dream of becoming an actress. As a result, it is said that he has fallen into a secret and cozy hobby “cudler” that will fill the emptiness. “Cudler” refers to a person who gives a hug service for money, and Saskia regained laughter and vitality through Cudler’s hug.

However, Saskia had a husband, so the way she looked at him was not as happy as it was. Lalalal, who was introducing the story, asks Bae Sung-jae and Lee Seung-guk, “What would you say if your wife, who went on a business trip, applies for a regular hug service ticket?” In response, Bae Sung-jae said, “I can’t stand it,” drawing laughter. On the other hand, Lee Seung-guk gives a surprise by saying, “I will buy a plane ticket and go and hug you.”

Meanwhile, the broadcast will introduce the stories of people who have led not only themselves but also those around them to tragedy due to follow and blind faith.

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