Singer Lee Joon-ho, who celebrates his 33rd birthday..

Singer Lee Joon-ho, who celebrates his 33rd birthday, will be selected as a “Entertainment Star” again this year.

Singer and actor Lee Joon-ho, who celebrated his birthday, will continue to be a box office hit this year.

Singer Lee Joon-ho

Born on January 25, 1990, Lee Jun-ho celebrated his 33rd birthday on the 25th. He is expected to make a full-fledged acting move this year, which marks a turning point by making the MBC drama “Clothes Sleeve Red End Dong” popular in 2021.

Lee Joon-ho made 2021 and last year his own year by winning the MBC Drama Awards (2021), the Korea PD Awards for Talent, the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards for Best Male Actor, the 2022 APAN Star Awards for Best Actor in Miniseries, and the 2022 Asian Artist Awards for Best Actor.

Singer Lee Joon-ho has been cast as the main character in the JTBC drama “King the Land,” which is scheduled to air in June. In the drama, which tells the story of hoteliers’ dream of “King the Land,” Lee Joon-ho plays the main character, Gu-won. Salvation is the son of the “King Group” and heir to the “King Hotel” to find memories of his mother. In the process, she goes through various episodes with Angelang (Lim Yoon-ah).

For Lee Joon-ho, who does not proliferate, “King the Land” is also expected to be a watershed in his acting career. It is also a work that proves that he is a “guaranteed entertainment check” by attempting to act as a modern drama and melodrama again after solidifying his position as an actor with “Red End Dong in Clothes Sleeves.”

Shortly after the casting was confirmed, singer Lee Joon-ho said, “I’m looking forward to greeting you with a new look,” adding, “I’ll prepare hard on the spot to deliver pleasant energy.”

Lee Joon-ho is also a blue chip in the advertising industry. There are more than 10 brands he has been promoting since last year. Lee Joon-ho started this year as a Korean Ambassador for luxury brand Christian Dior, opening the door to active advertising activities.

Good deeds were also done to mark Lee Joon-ho’s birthday. Lee Joon-ho’s fandom “Dish Inside Lee Joon-ho Gallery” donated 12.5 million won to the international relief and development NGO World Vision on the 25th. The donation was made to commemorate Lee Joon-ho’s birthday and the 5,000th day of Lee Joon-ho’s debut in May. The donation amount included Lee Joon-ho’s birthday date of ‘0125.’

Lee Joon-ho, an official at DC Inside Gallery, said, “I’m proud of artist Lee Joon-ho, who always tries to be a good person, and fans will actively participate in that, such as trying to become a good person at the same end.”

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