Jung Yoo-min and Lee Sung-jae can’t break up even if

Jung Yoo-min and Lee Sung-jae can’t break up even if they are caught cheating. (“Red Balloon”)

Jung Yoo-min’s passionate performance, which causes excessive immersion, captivated the small screen.

Jung Yoo-min, who plays Cho Eun-san in TV Chosun’s “Red Balloon,” faced a heartbreaking breakup.

Jung Yoo-min

On “Red Balloon” last weekend, Cho Eun-san and Jin Jin-cheol (played by Lee Sung-jae) were shown greeting a breakup. As Eunsan and Namcheol were the first to each other, their feelings deepened and they had a happy time together.

The happy time was short, and Jin Jin-cheol was caught in the affair by his father-in-law, Antimul-sang (Yoon Joo-sang), and notified him of his farewell to protect Eun-san. The emotional confrontation between Nam-cheol, who wanted to break up, and Eun-san, who could not accept the breakup, deepened. As soon as Eun-san returned from camping, she visited Geum-ah (played by Kim Hye-sun) and proudly revealed her relationship with Nam Chul, raising the sense of immersion in the play.

On top of that, Cho Eun-gang (Seo Ji-hye) follows Eun-san as he sees a text sent by Nam-cheol while Eun-san is away for a while. Eungang, who followed Eunsan’s officetel, began to polish Eunsan. At that moment, someone opened the door and came in, and Eun-gang quickly hid in the bathroom. The devastated Nam Cheol entered the officetel, followed by Geum-ah. It stimulated the curiosity of those who saw what Eun-san, who could not easily accept the breakup at a time when his relationship with Nam-cheol was discovered by everyone, would do in the future.

The public’s enthusiastic response is pouring into Jung Yoo-min, who draws Cho Eun-san with delicate character analysis and preparation. Jung Yoo-min added to the character’s charm through his dense acting that causes overindulgence. As a result, attention is focused on how to complete the character of Cho Eun-san, who needs close control, in the future.

TV Chosun’s ‘Red Balloon’ airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 p.m.

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