Coach Maradona prediction, “This year’s Championship is Napoli.”

Coach Maradona prediction, “This year’s Championship is Napoli.”

Otavio Bianci, who won Serie A along with Napoli legend Diego Maradona, acknowledged Napoli’s chances of winning the Champions League this season.


Italian media “Area Napoli” reported on the 29th that former Napoli coach Otavio Bianci had an interview on “Rai Radio 1” and said, “Bianci said Napoli could win the Champions League this year.”

Bianci was the head coach of Napoli from 1985 to 1989. He won Napoli’s first Scudetto with Maradona in the 1986/87 season, and also won the Copa Italia in that season.

In the 1988/89 season, he also won the UEFA Cup, the predecessor of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Europa League, bringing Napoli to the European stage.

In addition to Napoli, he has been through many Serie A-leading teams such as Inter Milan, AS Roma, Fiorentina and Atalanta.

Bianci said, “Did you ask if Napoli thought he could win the Champions League? I think so. Other league teams look out of shape. It is quite predictable. “After the World Cup, unexpected teams always appear,” he said, referring to Napoli’s chances of winning the Champions League.

“This year, all schedules stopped in the middle due to the World Cup. Real Madrid, Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain are struggling. Napoli was lucky that there weren’t many players who played in the World Cup. However, that does not reduce Napoli’s value, he said, adding that there is a possibility of winning.

In fact, in addition to the World Cup variables mentioned by Bianci, Napoli is considered a candidate for the championship of each tournament by showing tremendous performance in both Serie A and the Champions League.

Newly recruited players such as Kim Min-jae and Hvicha Kbaratzhelia are each playing the league’s top in offense and defense, and other key players are also showing steady performance and perfecting Luciano Spaletti’s attack-oriented football.

In the current league, the gap with Inter Milan, which is second place with 53 points, has widened to 13 points, and in the case of the Champions League, Napoli has a good chance of winning the Champions League as well as the league, beating Liverpool and Ajax, which have traditionally been strong.

Coach Bianci also added that Napoli is overwhelming at the moment.

“There is no concern about the coach’s leadership at the moment. Napoli are doing very well in every way. Their game is beautiful, and no one stays still. “Other teams are only competing for second place,” he said, praising Napoli’s performance.

Attention is focusing on whether Napoli will be able to lift the Champions League trophy “Big Year” along with Scudetto at the end of the season, as even Bianci, who led the Maradona era, failed to stop praising.

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