INFINITE’s Kim Sung-Kyu! Surprise live before

INFINITE’s Kim Sung-Kyu! Surprise live before the concert…a laughing party

Singer Kim Sung-kyu had a laugh party with fans through a live broadcast.

Kim Sung-Kyu

Kim Sung-kyu conducted a surprise live broadcast at 8 p.m. on the 30th under the title of the “1st extraordinary general meeting in 2023” through his personal YouTube channel “Sung Kyu Special City.”

In this live broadcast, which was aimed at naming Kim Sung-kyu’s official cheering stick together, Kim Sung-kyu drew attention from his appearance with a cute first greeting of “Sung-kyu Mayor Kim Sung-kyu.”

Kim Sung-kyu, who brought the official light stick, said, “It’s been a while since the light stick was released, but I haven’t named it yet. During this concert, we will get your ideas so that we can all call out the name of the light stick together,” he said.

In the chat window, witty names such as “Gyu Yeobong” and “Kkyubong” were poured out, from names containing affection for Kim Sung-kyu, to names containing fans’ wishes such as “Se-bong,” “Geumilbong” and “Billion Salary.” Kim Sungkyu, who said, “Please don’t play around,” finally burst into laughter at the opinion of a fan who proposed the name “Sibong” by combining the official fan club names “Seonggyu Special City Citizens” and “Cheering Stick.”

Kim Sungkyu, who was agonizing among the sparkling ideas, selected “Kkyu Bong,” “Gyuro Lantern,” “Sungkyu Barabong,” “Year-bong,” “Citylight,” and “Gyutibong” as candidates, and the final name was decided by a majority vote until 11:59 p.m. on the 31st.

It was followed by the first unboxing of the official MD product of Kim Sung-kyu’s solo concert “[LV],” which is scheduled to be held for three days from February 10th to 12th. When Kim Sung-kyu saw his face in the product, he praised himself, saying, “I like his eyes,” and also drew a smile with a pleasant comment, “I pretended to be cute as much as I could.”

Kim Sungkyu, who raised expectations for a solo concert, which is not much left with full contents from the official cheering stick name to the unboxing of MD products, said, “The concert is less than two weeks away. I hope we can have a fun time together. “I’ll wait for you at the concert hall” ended the live broadcast with a final greeting.

Kim Sungkyu will hold a solo concert “[LV]” at Yes24 Live Hall (YES24 LIVE HALL) in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul for three days from the 10th to the 12th of next month. He will also be cast as “Brown” in the musical “Red Book,” which will open at the Grand Theater of the Daehak-ro Art Center at Hongik University on March 14, and will meet the audience.

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