“For communication”…Lee Ji-Hoon thinks about fans…

“For communication”…Lee Ji-Hoon thinks about fans while filming “Under Your Bed”.

Actor Lee Ji-hoon showed his affection for his fans. He took a picture at the beach, recalling fans during the filming of “Under Your Bed.”

.Lee Ji-Hoon

On the 31st of last month, Lee Ji-hoon’s agency Enter7 released a photo of the movie “Under Your Bed” on its official SNS.

The background of the photo is Eulwang-ri Beach, the filming location of the movie “Under Your Bed,” which reported the news of crank-up last month. Lee Jihoon left a proof shot to communicate with fans. Under Your Bed is the first Korean work by a famous Japanese director. The movie is a suspense thriller that shows the lack and obsession through the distorted relationship between the three characters in one space, and Lee Jihoon plays the main character Ji-hoon.

Recently, he expressed his feelings after finishing filming “Under Your Bed.” Lee Ji-hoon said, “It was a sincere honor to be able to work with the director. He also tried to act in a genre that he had never tried before. I am also looking forward to the results. “I hope many people look forward to it,” he said. Also, “I was able to finish it well because there were staff members who were fiercely with me on the spot for this movie.” I am truly grateful,” he said.

Lee Ji-hoon is preparing to meet the audience with “Under Your Bed” and “How to Fall in Love with the Worst Neighbor” in collaboration with Han Seung-yeon. It is also set to perform the last performance of Jang Jin’s comic play “The Poor.”

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