“Before America”…Launch Monitor ‘Miborange’ is…..

“Before America”…Launch Monitor ‘Miborange’ is released in Korea for the first time in the world.

FlightScope’s flagship model “Mibo Range” has been released in Korea for the first time in the world, including more sophisticated swing data and acceleration charts. It is introduced in Korea before the U.S.S.

Launch Monitor

“SHOWGOLF,” a golf practice range brand operated by Korea’s largest golf booking platform XGOLF (X Golf), announced on the 1st that it has launched Launch Monitor FlightScope’s “Mibo Range.”

Earlier in November last year, Show Golf released “Mibo Range” two months after introducing “MEVO” and “MEVO+” through its official sales outlets. Mibo Range, which is officially distributed and sold by Show Golf, will be sold in Korea for the first time in the world. It will be released sequentially in the Japanese market.

Mibo Range is a flagship model of the Mibo family. It was also introduced at the ‘2023 PGA Show’ held in Orlando, Florida. It provides essential data for swing analysis with a 3D Doppler radar method and is equipped with FlightScope’s “Pro Package.”

FlightScope’s “Pro Package” displays a total of 27 data, including 16 data from the existing Mibo Plus and 11 additional data. ▲ 3D analysis information (face angle, club pass, etc.) that determines ball quality ▲ Club speed and acceleration chart can be checked. In particular, club speed and acceleration charts are not provided by third-party launch monitor products and contain essential information related to fitting.

As such, the “Mibo Range” can be used as lesson equipment or fitting equipment for professional golfers as well as amateur golfers by providing more sophisticated and detailed data than existing products. In addition, the battery performance is enhanced, so it can be used for up to 8 hours or more when charged once, and the angle optimized for analysis is defaulted on the main body, adding convenience. The official store’s launch price is 5.78 million won is 5.78 million won. You can get a free AS (post-service) warranty for one year after purchase.

A show golf official said, “The domestic golf market has grown rapidly since COVID-19, and the U.S. headquarters of FlightScope has also highly evaluated the domestic golf market and introduced Mivo range for the first time in the world. The FlightScope Mivo product, which is compatible with all other golf launch monitors priced at tens of millions of won, will be a leading game challenger in Korea.”

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