Actor Yoon Ji-won, “I’m so happy to film ‘Missing 2’ that I can’t..

Actor Yoon Ji-won, “I’m so happy to film ‘Missing 2’ that I can’t believe it’s over”.

Actor Yoon Ji-won expressed her feelings about the end of “Missing 2.”

Actor Yoon Ji-won

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Missing: They Were There 2” (hereinafter referred to as “Missing 2”), which aired on the 31st of last month, ended its grand finale by evoking the keyword “finding missing children.”

In the play, Yoon Ji-won played the role of Ahn Hye-joo, a warm teacher who teaches and takes care of children, and acted as an indispensable teacher for children living in the 3rd industrial complex.

Actor Yoon Ji-won was disintegrated into art teacher Ahn Hye-joo and approached viewers with delicate and deep inner acting, taking care of children with various stories. In addition, the role of grasping the psychological state of children through paintings and providing clues has increased the immersion of the drama.

In this regard, Yoon Ji-won said, “It was an honor to work together with a warm work,” adding, “I can’t believe it’s the end of the filming because I’m so happy.”

He added, “I want to grow into an actor suitable for such a scene as I enjoy the scene with my seniors and see the atmosphere of the scene warmly conveyed to the drama.”

Meanwhile, actor Yoon Ji-won is currently playing the role of Kim Yo-ah in the play ‘Real Bad Girl’.

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