Singer Car The Garden released “Beautiful” OST of “Our D-Day”.

Singer Car The Garden released “Beautiful” OST of “Our D-Day”.

Singer Car the Garden will come with the OST of the web drama “Our D-Day.”

Singer Car The Garden

The third OST “Beautiful” of the web drama “Our D-Day,” sung by Car The Garden, will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 5th.

Beautiful is a song that sings pure love that many people can relate to. The light performance of the piano and acoustic guitar in the middle of the prelude, which starts with a sentimental string, stands out, and the composition becomes dynamic toward the second half, maximizing the honest feeling without any lies.

Singer Carthe Garden fills the atmosphere of “Beautiful” with her signature husky and warm voice. Carder Garden’s cozy atmosphere is enhancing the completeness of the song.

The web drama “Our D-Day” depicts the last travelogue of friends who have set up a D-DAY in their lives. Actors Son Min-ho, Shin Bo-ra, Jung Joon-hwan, and Yoon Ha-bin appear, drawing sympathy from the MZ generation.

Meanwhile, the web drama “Our D-Day” is released every Thursday and Friday at 7 p.m. on the official YouTube channel.

I would like to finish this article with a brief introduction to Carder Garden.
Originally, he was known as a worker who worked in a factory after graduating from high school. I used to do music as a hobby. It is said that he has never been educated in Orthodox music.
But nevertheless, he is quite talented in composing, and his style prefers simple melodies and compositions, and when he hears them many times… It is said to be a tendency to make the song attractive.
Therefore, it is loved more and more by fans.

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