What’s up with Tottenham? “I promised Conte to recruit..

What’s up with Tottenham? “I promised Conte to recruit two players.I fulfilled my promise.

Tottenham Hotspur kept their promise to coach Antonio Conte.


Last summer, Tottenham had a satisfactory summer transfer window. Including Christian Romero’s full recruitment, he has made appropriate reinforcement in necessary positions such as Hishalisson, Yves Bisuma and Ivan Perisic. Chairman Daniel Levy, who is famous for being a stingy person, released a bunch of money and invested more than 200 billion won.

The recruitment effect seemed to be working. Tottenham remained unbeaten in seven official matches since the opening. The league’s ranking was at the top and Tottenham fans expressed hope for the championship. However, the atmosphere was dampened after the defeat against Sporting. He lost all matches against rivals such as Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Manchester United, and his ranking fell as he failed to accumulate points. The fourth place that was in danger was also lost to Manchester United, and now the fifth place is also unstable.

In the end, to solve the situation, Conte strengthened during the winter transfer market. Not many players came. Arnaut Danzuma was brought on loan from Villarreal and the long-serving right fullback was settled by bringing in Pedro Pororo. It was quiet compared to Chelsea, who actively recruited him, but it was an achievement of its own.

Of course, there were players who went out. Matt Doherty’s free agency was hard hit, and Jed Spence and Brian Hill left on loan, thinning the squad depth. Still, it was comforting that these players were not the key.

At the end of the transfer window, transfer market expert Dean Jones spoke about Tottenham’s performance. According to him, Tottenham’s recruitment was planned. Before entering the winter transfer window, Tottenham had promised Conte a reinforcement and said they would seek to recruit two players. “Tottenham have indicated that they are going to sign two new players for Conte. And this has come true as it has come true. “We have to wait and see if this reinforcement is enough for Conte,” he said. 안전한놀이터

Although proof is needed, the British media Give Me Sports gave a positive evaluation for now. The media said, “Danju horse will support Tottenham’s attack, and the prisoner also seems to be a good business performance.”

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