Singer K.Will has heard it 1.9 billion times.Entering the..

Singer K.Will has heard it 1.9 billion times.Entering the “Billiance Bronze Club” on Melon

Singer K.Will has written a new history of “Living Legend.”

Singer K.Will

The agency Starship Entertainment said K.Will was recently listed on the “Melon Hall of Fame” compiled and announced by Melon, the nation’s largest music site.

Singer K.Will has surpassed 1.9 billion cumulative streaming times through numerous masterpieces released so far. As a result, he entered the “Billions Bronze Club,” which commemorates artists who have achieved more than 1 billion cumulative streams of music released on Melon since their debut.

The “Billion Bronze Club” is an honor given to artists between 1 billion and 2 billion cumulative streaming times. Pop artists including Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and Charlie Puth, as well as artists representing each genre, including Psy, Sistar, SG Wannabe, Dynamic Duo and G-DRAGON, were listed.

The album that helped singer K.Will get on the “Billions Bronze Club” was “The 3rd Album Part.2 “Love Blossom””. The title song “Love Blossom” of the same name and the track “Lay Back” have established themselves as immortal masterpieces loved by the public every year when spring approaches.

In addition, K.Will’s JTBC drama “Beauty Inside” OST “Beautiful in My Life” and KBS 2TV drama “Descendants of the Sun” OST “Tell Me!” ‘What are you doing?’ also gained steady popularity, reaffirming K.Will’s ‘OST master’s side.’ The title track of the second full-length album “I Miss You, Miss You, Miss You” and the album’s track “Feat. Outsider” are still loved. K.Will, who released so many masterpieces, showed dignity with more than 210,000 daily music streaming increases as of the 1st.

Meanwhile, K.Will completed his first national tour “HERE AND NOW” in three years, ending December 31 last year.

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