YG Entertainment Baby Monster, the 6th member, Parita

YG Entertainment Baby Monster, the 6th member, Parita from Thailand.

On the 2nd, YG Entertainment posted a video of “Baby Monster (#6) – Parita (BABYMONSTER (#6) – PHARITA (Live Performance)” on its official blog.

Baby Monster

Parita, who was unveiled as the sixth runner after Haram, Ah-hyun, Chikita, Asa and Laura, performed “What Other People Say” by Sam Fisher and Demi Lovato with their own emotions.

Thai trainee Parita is equipped with a pure and dreamy tone, adding delicate emotional expressions to enhance viewers’ immersion.

Parita, 17, drew attention for her unique singing style that captivated music fans. Parita proved her ability as a vocalist by freely crossing attractive deep low notes as well as cool high notes in the chorus.

Baby Monster is YG’s first new girl group in about seven years since BLACKPINK. It is known that it consists of three Korean members, two Thai members, and two Japanese members.

Regarding Parita, YG said, “He has been attending international schools since he was young, and he is an outstanding member of not only his native Thai but also English,” adding, “He is a trainee who has studied Korean for many years and can speak three languages.”

After the disbandment of Seo Tai-ji and Boys in March 1996, Yang Hyun-suk established a company called “Hyun Planning,” the parent of YG, and made his debut as a group called Keep Six. In May of the following year, he changed his name to “MF Planning” and debuted Jinusean, and in March 1998, he established “Yanggun Planning,” named after the nickname “Yanggun” given to Seo Tae-ji and Seo Tae-ji when he was children, and made his debuting 1TYM and forming “YG FAMILY. In March 2001, the company changed its name and became the current YG Entertainment.

In terms of music, it is an agency that is said to be the most follow-up to pop music in the West among Korean entertainment agencies and is especially strong in rap/hip hop music.To be exact, it is strongly influenced by the genres of hip-hop, electronica, and R&B in the United States. Until the 2000s, Korea’s unique idol music and Japanese music were quite influenced, but since 2NE1’s debut in 2009, it has changed firmly to follow the mainstream of British and American music.

Yg was different from the beginning. Big Bang, BLACKPINK, and many other idols. It is no exaggeration to say that he is a leader in promoting Korea overseas with great popularity. Attention is focusing on what else he will show in the future.

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