The story behind the transfer of Canselu to Munich, “I was aiming..

The story behind the transfer of Canselu to Munich, “I was aiming for Real-Barsa, too.”

“At the end of the transfer market, several big clubs received attention.”


Munich officially announced the recruitment of Canselu on the club’s website on the 30th of last month. The contract is in the form of a lease and included a purchase option of 70 million euros. Canselo is in charge of Munich’s defense for the rest of the season.

Side defender Cancelo played as Manchester City’s starting fullback. He is a player who mainly uses his right foot, but he can also play the left fullback with his unique tactical understanding and sense.

Canseluzi, who has been Manchester City’s undisputed main player, has recently had a problem with Manchester City regarding his playing time. Canselu, whose form has fallen since the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup, has significantly reduced his playing time.

There were even rumors of discord with Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola. Canselo then asked for a transfer instead of the main competition and chose to rent Munich.

Canselu made a strong debut in the Pokal match against Mainz on the 2nd. In the 17th minute of the first half, Canselo broke through the right side and crossed, and Eric Maxim Chupo-Motting finished with his left foot and shook the net.

Fabricio Romano, an expert in the transfer market for “Sky Sports” in the UK, explained about Canselo, “Since he was put up for sale at the end of the transfer market, we have considered recruiting FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in addition to Munich.”

Romano said, “Varsa was defeated by a salary cap issue. In the case of Real, Canselo’s return to Spain was canceled because he decided not to reinforce anything in the winter transfer market, he said.

“Munich approached Canselu when Barcelona and Real failed. He added that the player himself strongly wanted to transfer, and the trip to Munich was made.’

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