Sergio Ramos finally admits “Lionel Messi is GOAT”

Sergio Ramos finally admits “Lionel Messi is GOAT”

Sergio Ramos rated Lionel Messi as the greatest player.

Sergio Ramos

Britain’s Sports Bible reported on the 3rd that “Lamos has had a hard time with Messi over the years, and finally decided to call him the best player of all time.”

Ramos has won numerous trophies in Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid, and he would have picked Ronaldo as the greatest player in history. But now it’s different. Ramos became a colleague of Messi in Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), and he got to know enough during the 18 months he spent with him,” he added.

According to the media, Ramos said, “It was painful dealing with Messi. But now I’m enjoying him. Messi is the best player in football history,” he said.

Sergio Ramos often clashed with Messi, who played for Barcelona when he was in Real. I could see several scenes where he cut it off with a rough foul.

And over time, a rather awkward situation arose. In the summer of 2021, Messi and Ramos moved to PSG. The meeting between the two drew much attention.

I’ve been doing well since I became a colleague. Ramos acknowledged his greatness, saying he had more opportunities to watch Messi from his side and was “the best player in football history.”

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