Singer Dann, group exit → Hyuna’s boyfriend…It’s time..

Singer Dann, group exit → Hyuna’s boyfriend…It’s time to prove the singer’s identity.

Singer Dunn is drawing a blueprint for his comeback. Recently, he signed an exclusive contract with his new agency and plans to continue his activities as an artist. He was once a member of “Pentagon” and once called “Hyuna’s boyfriend.” a full-fledged solitude The key to success lies with him.

Singer Dann

At Area officially signed an exclusive contract with Dunn last month. At Area is a label headed by the famous producing team “Grubby Room.”

The news of singer Dunn’s exclusive contract was enough to attract attention. Earlier, Dunn was an artist in Psy’s ‘Peanation’. At that time, he suddenly terminated his contract with Finayshire and stayed without a nest. It wasn’t fast, but a positive signal was turned on for the continuity of entertainment activities.

Dunn is more familiar with “Hyun-ah’s boyfriend” than the singer. Dawn officially admitted her romantic relationship with Hyuna in 2016. The problem was immediately after the public announcement of a romantic relationship.

Singer Dunn was a member of the group Pentagon and a member of the group Triple H. Triple H also had Hyun-ah, who was a romantic partner. At that time, the agency Cube Entertainment took steps to remove Dawn from the group after receiving the news.

On top of that, Hyun-ah, an icon of Cube Entertainment, also showed a firm appearance. He confessed his love, but he became a “Nakdong River duck egg.” Many people’s support and encouragement poured out, and it was Psy who accepted them.

Psy expressed his willingness to where artists can run freely. That’s why he created the pination. It’s a pination where you can show the colors of the artists to yourselves. It was the best option for Hyun-ah, who has a strong color.

His boyfriend Dunn also naturally joined the pinnations. Years have passed since then, but there have been no marks as a singer. They simply went on entertainment programs or made issues through SNS posts.

Hyuna and Dawn are artists before they’re lovers. It was natural to worry about the future and the career of a singer. Later, he also said goodbye to Psy’s pinning. It was the second time that the contract with the agency was terminated. However, she was still with her lover Hyuna.

Last November, Hyuna and Dunn suddenly announced the breakup. After a short explanation of “we broke up,” the two could no longer be seen together.

The problem was Dunn’s next destination. Unless she is Hyun-ah’s boyfriend, she is less interested. Earlier, he failed to show his moves as an individual artist.

Especially, singer Dunn couldn’t hold a solo concert once. On top of that, Hyun-ah’s image as her boyfriend has already been consumed. There are many challenges to solve for the leap forward. But there are variables. It belongs to a label created by Groovyroom. If you find the public with good songs, all problems are solved quickly.

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