“Red Toma” Kaoru Mitoma ranked third in the PL power ranking…a

“Red Toma” Kaoru Mitoma ranked third in the PL power ranking…a six-step climb

Kaoru Mitoma

Kaoru Mitoma (26, Brighton) is frightening.

Britain’s Daily Mail reported the latest power rankings of Premier League players on the 7th. Marcus Rashford, who recently led Manchester United’s rise, was ranked first, and Harry Kane, who scored his 200th league goal against Manchester City, was ranked second.

Third place was Brighton & Hove Albion’s side striker Kaoru Mitoma, who was ranked ninth in the last evaluation. Mitoma scored against Leicester City on January 23 and Liverpool on January 29, and most recently shook the net against Bournemouth on the 4th.

In addition to scoring, Kaoru Mitoma has been highly praised by experts for putting his opponent’s defense in an embarrassing situation throughout with his excellent dribbling ability. Thanks to his performance, Brighton is currently sixth in the league.

The media said, “Brighton also won against Bournemouth after dramatically defeating Liverpool in the last FA Cup showdown. Since the league resumed in December last year, Mitoma has scored four goals in six games for Brighton. “If he didn’t score, he would have been ninth in the league with the same points as Chelsea,” he said.

“He’s been showing all his skills lately and he’s been a hero against Liverpool in the FA Cup. He once again led Brighton to move forward,” he commented.

*Premier League Power Rankings

1st place Marcus Rashford (26, Manchester United)

2nd place Harry Kane (30, Tottenham)

3rd place Kaoru Mitoma (26, Brighton)

4th place Bruno Fernandez (29, Manchester United)

No. 5 Ben Me (34, Brentford)

6th place, Amado Ohanna (22, Everton)

7th place Craig Dawson (33, Wolverhampton)

8th place Bukayo Saka (22, Arsenal)

9th place Kelechi Iheanacho (27, Leicester City)

No. 10 Brennan Johnson (22, Nottingham)

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