Lee Seung-yoon “House of Dreams” first episode exceeded

Lee Seung-yoon “House of Dreams” first episode exceeded 80,000 copies.

Lee Seung-yoon

Lee Seung-yoon full-length album “Dream House” recorded 80,000 initial sales within a week of its release.

Lee Seung-yoon released his full-length album “Dream House” for the first time in two years on two years. Dream House recorded 80,000 initial sales on the 3rd, and sales have continued to increase so far. The Dream House contains a total of 12 songs, including the title song Dream House, “Smile Me” released in December last year, and “Expensive Hangover” released in January this year. As Lee Seung-yoon himself said, “It is an album that poured out all his soul,” the album is being well received not only by fans but also by the public at the same time as it was released.

“It will be a year to express our gratitude to fans and take a step further through the nationwide tour performance that begins now,” the agency, Malmmo, said.

At the same time, news of the first national tour sold out was also reported. The “2023 Lee Seung-yoon National Tour Concert DOCKING,” which opened on January 30 last week, sold out in three minutes, and cities such as Daegu, Busan, Daejeon, Yongin, and Gwangju, which opened one after another on February 3, also sold out in three minutes, showing overwhelming ticket power.

2023 Lee Seung-yoon’s National Tour Concert DOCKING will be held seven times in six cities for about two months, starting from Seoul on February 18 and 19 to Gwangju on April 1. Lee Seung-yoon will meet with about 20,000 spectators through the nationwide tour.

“This is Lee Seung-yoon’s first national tour and the first performance since his full-length album ‘House of Dreams’ released on January 26 in two years,” his agency, Malmmo, said. “Motiv Productions,” which directed Seo Tae-ji and IU’s concerts, is in charge of preparing a stage where Lee Seung-yoon’s soul-filled music can be delivered well to all audiences, including the new song from his second full-length album, “Dream House.”

Starting with the first solo performance at the Olympic Hall in March last year, Lee Seung-yoon set a sold-out record for every performance until “LOVE IN SEOUL 2022” held at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts on November 20. Each performance proves to be a “performance musician” with sophisticated live skills and dynamic performances.

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