“Plain” will be released on March 15th…Gerard Butler, a dizzying..

“Plain” will be released on March 15th…Gerard Butler, a dizzying emergency landing.


The film ‘Plain’ (director Jean-Francois Lysche) has released its main poster, confirming its release on March 15.

Plain is an action survival thriller about a pilot who saves kidnapped passengers from militants facing him on an emergency landing island and joins hands with a killer to survive together.

Pilot Brody encounters a storm while operating, and makes an emergency landing on an island in the Philippines. Communication with the control tower was cut off due to the storm from above, and the plane was even out of order. Brody asks for help from suspected murderer Gasparé, who was taken to the FBI to check the situation on the island.

Meanwhile, armed forces on the island appear and threaten everyone’s lives by hostage-taking against their remaining colleagues and passengers for money, and Brody joins forces with Gasparé to save passengers from the militants and begins a dizzying struggle for escape.

In “Plane,” you can see Brody and Gasparé’s rescue operation in thrill and tension, and the two actions during the operation will make your hands sweat throughout the movie.

The main poster released shows actors Gerard Butler and Mike Coulter covered in wounds against the backdrop of the burning plane’s flames.

In addition, the two actors staring at somewhere before the background that seems to be reminiscent of the disaster situation raises questions.

In particular, the copy of “The plane crash was just the beginning” at the top of the poster seems to imply another tense situation that will take place after the plane crash. The genre of “Plane,” which combines action and thriller, gives a unique thrill just by posters even before its release.

‘Plain’ is scheduled to be released on March 15.

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