Since when do you have sex after breast implants?

Since when do you have sex after breast implants?


Daily life after surgery is available from the day of surgery. My daily life is an activity where I brush my teeth, eat, wash my face, change my clothes, open the door, get up high in bed, go to the bathroom, and walk around again. You can do this daily life as much as you want from the day of surgery, but the second exercise I mentioned is to meet exercises that strengthen the muscles of the upper and lower body.

Pilates, PT, swimming, horseback riding, golf, or running behavior These exercises that use a lot of muscles in the upper body and arms can’t be done depending on where you put the prosthesis, but if you have 2 to 81 muscles, you need a recovery period to wait for the muscle substitution to increase enough.This period will take at least two or three months. So, you can do the extreme exercise that I mentioned earlier after stretching your muscles enough.

On the other hand, if you put a prosthesis, you don’t have to wait for the muscle to stretch, so if the prosthesis is settled and the wound recovers to a certain extent, it’s cold in two weeks to a month, so many people ask before leg surgery. First, when can you hug your child freely and second, when can you and your husband start married life? It’s two things, but it’s possible to hug the first child, of course, after the surgery.

Since you continue to work out that uses a lot of arm muscles, you can hold the kids and lift them up after the recovery period has passed. And as long as it doesn’t shock your chest, you can have sex from the day of surgery. However, if your hand goes toward your chest, you can make difficulties up to a week after surgery to the extent that you don’t feel pain, and there is no problem if you go to some extent after a month by yourself, and you can exercise aggressively for two months after surgery.

After some time, you can make it look like you didn’t get a prosthesis surgery. There are many people who are asking until when I have my photoshopped underwear. Depending on the hospital, you may not wear correction underwear, and it is recommended to wear correction underwear for about a month to a month and a half. If you wear a correction underwear, you can keep the weight of the prosthesis stable, and you may not understand the swelling through a certain amount of pressure.

It has the advantage of receiving money for the prosthesis, and when you sleep, your hands go to your chest and hurt unconsciously, so it can cause chest pain, so even if it’s uncomfortable, it works for about 6 weeks. After the fall, the swelling goes down and the prosthesis is stable and you can replace it.

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