Dodgers’ non-tradeable resources have finally come true

Dodgers’ non-tradeable resources have finally come true Shortstop is my place.


The main shortstop of the LA Dodgers has changed for the third consecutive year. Following Corey Seager in 2021 and Trey Turner in 2022, Gavin Lux (26) has been selected as the new starting shortstop this year. It is time for Dodgers’ non-tradeable resources to finally realize their dream as a shortstop.

Major League Baseball’s official website “” covered the news of Lux, who finally took the opportunity as a shortstop on the 20th (Korea Standard Time). Lux played 129 games as the Dodgers’ starting second baseman last year, showing his potential with a batting average of .276, 116 hits, six home runs, 42 RBIs, and OPS.745.

Lux, a former top prospect who was nominated by the Dodgers as the 20th overall in the first round in the 2016 draft, was fostered as a shortstop in the minor leagues. He is a promising player coveted by many teams, but he did not send him to any team due to Dodgers’ non-tradeable resources.

However, after the 2019 Major League call-up, Lux had a higher percentage of playing as a second baseman than his main position shortstop. This is because there were two All-Star shortstop in the team, including Seager and Trey Turner, who joined in the summer of 2021.

Seager moved FA to the Texas Rangers after the 2021 season, but Lux could not get out of second base as Turner moved from second base to shortstop. He played as a left fielder (28 games) after second baseman (102 games) last year. As a shortstop, he played nine games, and that was all he defended as a substitute. He even showed his defensive anxiety at second base and was given an image of “Dolglove.”

However, after last season, Turner moved to the Philadelphia Phillies for FA, and Lux finally had a full-time shortstop opportunity. The Dodgers recruited Miami Marlins defensive shortstop Miguel Rojas in a trade after Turner left, but it was after they had already selected Lux as the starting shortstop. Rojas is used as an infield utility 토토사이트

“Seager and Turner are the best shortstop in baseball,” Lux said. I learned a lot by watching the two players. It was good to play with the two players, but it’s good to go back to the position I’ve played since I was young. “I’m excited to play shortstop again,” he said.

Despite playing as a second baseman for the past two years, he prepared by receiving the ball from the shortstop position during defensive training before every game. Recognizing the unstable evaluation and gaze of ‘shortstop lux’, he said, “Moving from shortstop to second baseman was a much bigger adjustment for me. “I’ve grown up as a shortstop since I was young, so I’m really comfortable going back to that position,” he said.

Lux, who went to the baseball academy drive line in Seattle, Washington, for a physical test this offseason, gained weight by eating 4,500 calories a day to build stronger strength. He gained about 15 pounds (6.8 kg) from last year and is dreaming of transforming into a big gun shortstop with stronger power. Dodgers first baseman Fred Freeman, a former MVP, also expressed expectations, saying, “Lux will take a big leap forward this year.”

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