Kim Hee-ra The Glory casted me and my eyes were recognized

Kim Hee-ra The Glory casted me and my eyes were recognized for crying

Kim Hee-ra

Actress Kim Hi-ra’s pictorial full of sensual and interesting charms has been released.

Fashion magazine Allure Korea has released a pictorial of Kim Hee-ra, which is loved by Netflix’s original “The Glory” (written by Kim Eun-sook, directed by Ahn Gil-ho).

This pictorial contains the message ‘HERE I AM’. Kim Hee-ra in the pictorial shows off her differentiated charm with her refined pose and delicate expression. Kim Hee-ra’s appearance, which maximizes its original charm in a unique combination of black and white and color, attracts attention. Kim Hee-ra expresses a different face from the image she has shown so far. The boyish short cut style and expressionless acting add a neutral charm.

Kim Hi-ra also delivered a meeting with Isara’s character in “The Glory.” Kim Hi-ra said, “I didn’t know much about the role during the audition, and I just worked hard. When you sang it for the second time, there was a painting that you drew as a hobby, so I showed it to you. I left like that, but I got the script quickly that day. I cried a lot because I was so happy. ”

Kim Hi-ra said, “I was greatly encouraged by the encouragement of director Ahn Gil-ho and writer Kim Eun-sook,” adding, “After being casted, the writer said, ‘The eyes of Sarah I thought of.’ The director also said, “Just be yourself. He believed that I could do everything I wanted to do, so the question mark that was full inside me was organized. Thanks to you, I became Sarah without any pretense. I think I’m a lucky actor,” he said.

Kim Hi-ra said, “I want to try historical dramas and Korean characters. I want to enjoy myself a little more. Since I’m a supporting actor, I want to do everything I can. “I want to come to you with a good work for a long time,” he said.

Kim Hee-ra’s pictorial is available in the March issue of Allure Korea.

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