He is obsessed with becoming an idol who temporarily completed

He is obsessed with becoming an idol who temporarily completed his smartphone and released a solo album this year.


Lim Si-wan heralded a transformation as a singer, not an actor.

In a recent interview with OSEN, actor Lim Si-wan revealed the casting process and behind-the-scenes of Netflix’s original movie “I Just Dropped My Smartphone.”

“I Just Dropped My Smartphone” (written by Kim Tae-joon, production film company Miji, co-production studio N) is a real-life thriller that takes place when an ordinary office worker starts to lose his or her smartphone containing all his or her personal information and start to be threatened with his or her entire daily life. It depicts the worst situations that can happen after losing a smartphone that contains all personal information and privacy, as well as resident registration numbers and account numbers.

It is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Akira Shiga, who won the Grand Prize in Japanese mystery novels. The horror that can be imagined in everyday life of “smartphone hacking” has been completed with sophisticated directing, tense development, and well-organized stories.

After picking up Nami’s smartphone (played by Chun Woo-hee) in the play, Lim Si-wan acted as Jun-young, who commits an appalling crime. Following the movie ‘Emergency Declaration’ released last summer, he once again showed off his villain role.

Lim Si-wan is considered one of the most successful acting idols. However, looking back on his idol days, he said he was disappointed.

He said, “Now people secretly think, ‘Is he only going to act?’ Then, your personality evokes a green frog’s temperament and you want to do something else.(Laughs) I started acting when I was an idol, so I wish I didn’t have the image of a singer. Even if I don’t talk about it now, I think I definitely don’t sing. “I feel repulsed when I say, ‘You’re going to continue acting,'” he said with a smile.

Im Si-wan made his debut in 2010 with the idol ‘Children of Empire’ and worked in the same group as Kwang-hee, Park Hyung-sik and Kim Dong-joon. From his trainee days to his debut and activities, he devoted himself fully to his 20s. I tried my best more than anyone else, but the results were not satisfactory.

When asked, “I heard that you have lingering feelings about idols,” he said, “There is that, too. In the past, I thought, ‘I’m not a person who deserves to be an idol.’ At the moment of thinking like that, luckily, ‘Haepumdal’ came in and entered the audition, and I’m maintaining my life here. “Anyway, it was a field I was in in my 20s, so it was regrettable to end my career like this.” I spent nine years as a trainee for two years, a seven-year contract period, and an idol, but I don’t want to deny myself. “I felt that I had to take my career as a singer to make it meaningful,” he confessed.

Lim Si-wan said, “This year’s album is coming out, and I have plans to materialize it. “If I do it, it’s a solo album,” he said adding, “I recently presented the music or songs I pursue at a concert.” He showed his fans, “I like this kind of music.” I sang the song myself so that the fans could hear it. There can be one or two albums, but there are no music broadcasting plans. If I go on a music show, I will definitely prepare. He added, “If I do it, I do it properly.”

Meanwhile, ‘I just dropped my smartphone’ was released worldwide on Netflix on the 17th.

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