BMW beats Mercedes-Benz in sales this year…No.1 in

BMW beats Mercedes-Benz in sales this year…No.1 in February, following January.


At the beginning of the year, BMW topped the list of imported cars for the second consecutive month, beating Mercedes-Benz. In addition, Japanese car brands seem to be boosting their sales performance.

According to the Korea Automobile Importers Association on the 6th, BMW Korea sold 6,381 units in February, ranking first in sales of imported cars.

After selling 6,089 units in January, it is the No. 1 sales performance for two consecutive months. In the January-February period, it sold 12,470 units, beating Mercedes-Benz, which sold 8,419 units during the same period.

Volkswagen Group Korea’s Audi brand, ranked third after BMW and Mercedes-Benz, sold a total of 2,200 units in February. Toyota followed with 1,344 Lexus, 1,123 Porsche, and 827 Volvo.

BMW’s 520 model sold the most, with a total of 1,310 units sold in February, the only imported car to sell more than 1,000 units.

Lexus’ ES300h followed by 967 units, Mercedes-Benz’s E350 4MATIC by 852 units, and BMW’s X4 2.0 by 818 units.

BMW’s 520 also topped this year’s cumulative sales with 2303 units.

By country of sale, while German brands accounted for 72.8% of the market, Japanese brand vehicles, which stood at 5.2% last year, increased their market share to 10.2% thanks to Lexus’ sales performance.

As for Japanese vehicle brands, Lexus, Toyota, and Honda all saw their sales increase compared to the previous month.

Total sales of imported cars in February were 21,622 units, up 33.3% from January (16,222 units). Compared to February last year (19,454 units), it increased slightly.

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