Antetokounmpo triple double cancellation trying to steal the record

Antetokounmpo triple double cancellation trying to steal the record


Janice Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks)’s triple double was canceled. This is because he intentionally made a rebound for a triple double. The game recorder acknowledged the rebound, but later deleted Antetokounmpo’s last rebound record from the NBA Secretariat. Antetokounmpo’s career No. 34 triple double was also canceled.

The NBA Secretariat revised the record against Milwaukee and the Washington Wizards on the 6th (Korea Standard Time). “I deleted Antetokounmpo’s last rebound record,” he announced.

Antetokounmpo grabbed his 10th rebound with one second left.

He created a rebound situation himself for a triple double. Milwaukee led 117 to 111 with 9 seconds left. The game has already been decided, and the players were waiting for the end buzzer. But Antetokounmpo went over to Washington Court and hit the ball into the rim. He then caught the bounced ball. He filled 10 rebounds and scored 23 points, 10 rebounds, 13 assists, and triple-double.

“It was a means to protect the ball,” Antetokounmpo said in a post-match interview. “In a way, it’s like stealing,” he explained.

In the end, the NBA secretariat canceled Antetokounmpo’s rebound under the rule that “in order for a field goal attempt to be recognized, a player must throw a shot with the intention of scoring.” Antetokounmpo’s field goal success rate rose from 53.8% to 53.9%, as the play that hit the ball into the rim before the rebound was also not considered a shot.

There have often been plays in the NBA to deliberately fill the stats for triple doubles.

In April 2004, Bob Sura (then Atlanta Hawks) intentionally missed a no-mark layup before catching a rebound. With this rebound, he scored 22 points, 10 rebounds, 11 assists, and triple-double. It was also Sura’s triple-double in three consecutive games. Also, the NBA secretariat canceled the rebound later, and Sura bowed her head with an apology.

Ricky Davis (then Cleveland Cavaliers) is even more absurd. In a game against the Utah Jazz in March 2003, he tried to snatch a rebound after attempting a shot at the Cleveland rim, not the opponent’s rim. The move was aimed at a triple double at a time when the victory or defeat was already decided. One rebound was missing. But it was blocked by DeShawn Stevenson (then Utah) who saw it, and Davis was criticized.

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