His son who inherited Han Ga-in’s beauty also

His son who inherited Han Ga-in’s beauty also acknowledged his mother’s appearance.

Han Ga-in

Actress Han Ga-in reveals that she and her son are the perfect appearance recognized by her mother.

JTBC’s entertainment show “Handless Day” contains the life story of citizens who dream of a new start to a strange place until they decide to move. The current progressive story about “moving” at the peak of life’s uphill and downhill, such as separation after marriage, first independence in life, and the increase and reduction of family. The 14th episode of “Handless Day,” which airs today (7th), depicts the first moving story of the family of Anseong’s leader who has been living for 150 years due to the construction of a highway passing through the village.

Among them, Han Ga-in mentions her son who looks just like her, drawing attention. In a recent recording, Han Ga-in heard the story of a client’s family that three generations live in one house, and said, “I think living with grandparents is emotionally good for children,” adding that her mother is taking care of her two children. He then said, “My son looks a lot like me. So when my mother sees my son, she often says that he looks like me when I was young, so I feel like I’m going back to the past,” he said, raising questions about Han Ga-in and her plain son.

On the other hand, Han Ga-in plans to explode the smart goddess side by pouring out information on Anseong on the same day. It is rumored that Han Ga-in told the origin of the word “Anseongjeong,” which is now commonly used, saying, “It is said that the quality of the game tailored to Anseong in the Joseon Dynasty was so good,” and even poured out information on Anseong Namsadangpae. Shin Dong-yeop nodded his head and expressed his admiration. In addition, it is rumored that Han Ga-in deeply sympathized with the conversation with the client’s family and showed a smooth progressive ability to continue the conversation with questions that penetrate the mind, raising interest in the show’s “Handless Day.”

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