Nexon Games Create a New Subculture Game with Blue Archive

Nexon Games Create a New Subculture Game with Blue Archive

Blue Archive

A new game will be prepared to succeed Nexon Games’ box office game Blue Archive

Nexon Games announced on the 17th that it will recruit art directors for new IP projects.

The organization that announced the recruitment was MX Studio, which developed the mobile subculture RPG Blue Archive. The announcement said, “We will recruit talented people to prepare for new IP projects with PD Kim Yong-ha and other top veterans in the industry.”

The main tasks include visual design of new character games, directing each product of the art team to satisfy high quality by presenting a visual vision of the project, and active management such as tracking the progress of art work and suggesting improvements.

In addition, application qualifications require a deep understanding of industry trends such as repanimation, cartoons, and games and a creative perspective.

There is no clear content on the project, but it is likely to be a new subculture game that will follow the “Blue Archive” as it is mentioned as a new IP project by PD Kim Yong-ha, who has been making various subculture games.

Blue Archive is a game that is gaining a lot of popularity both domestically and abroad. Since it was first serviced in Japan in 2021, it has started services not only in Korea but also in global regions.

In particular, Japan, the home of subculture culture, has achieved the No. 1 sales in the two major markets in two years of service through reverse driving. This is the first achievement among domestic games. In the meantime, it is recognized as an IP locally. Korea is also gaining a lot of popularity, and the enthusiasm for collaboration products as well as goods is hot. 사설토토

In response, a Nexon Games official said, “It is true that MX Studios is preparing for a new project. However, as it is in its early stages, specific details of the project cannot be disclosed. The new project will be prepared around new personnel, and PD Kim Yong-ha will continue to serve as the general manager of the Blue Archive, he said.

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