Michael Jordan Seeks to Sell Share of Charlotte Hornets

Michael Jordan Seeks to Sell Share of Charlotte Hornets

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, owner of the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association (NBA), is seeking to sell his stake.

Citing sources on the 16th, “ESPN” said Jordan is seriously discussing selling his stake in the club.

Jordan is discussing selling his stake with a group led by two players, Gabe Plotkin, who owns part of the club, and Rick Schnal, who owns part of the Atlanta Hawks.

ESPN said an agreement is not imminent, but enough momentum has been accumulated for a sale agreement.

Jordan reportedly plans to sell the majority of his stake and remain a small shareholder of the club.

Jordan, who won six championships and five MVP titles in his career, turned into a club owner after retirement. In June 2006, he purchased a portion of Charlotte Bobketz, the predecessor of the Hornets, and became the largest shareholder in 2010.

He became the first former player-turned-owner in NBA history and remains the only black owner in the NBA. However, sooner or later, the position was put down.

In the past 13 seasons in which he held the team, Charlotte has made two playoffs. In the 2021-22 season, he advanced to the seed final with a 43-39 record, but lost to Atlanta.

While he was the owner of the club, Larry Brown (2010-11), Paul Silas (2011-12), Mike Dunlap (2012-13), Steve Clifford (2013-18) and James Borrego (2018-22) served as coaches. Clifford is back as manager this season. 엔트리파워볼

As of the 17th, he is ranked 14th in the Eastern Conference with 22 wins and 49 losses, and is mobilizing 582,356 home spectators, 22nd in the league.

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