Hyun-young challenges independent film…”One More Day” will

Hyun-young challenges independent film…”One More Day” will be on the show. [Official]


Actor and broadcaster Hyun-young has been cast in the independent film “One Day Again.”

The independent film “One Day Again” is the first movie in which actor Park Yong-gi, who leads the podium theater company, took the megaphone. It is about pointing out the situation in Korea, where fraudulent crimes are common enough to be stigmatized as a “fraud republic,” and it will capture the warm alleys, cafes, and rice paddies of the main characters, such as the streets of youth, Hwangsan Park, and Tongdosa, in a lyrical and elegant way.

In this movie, Hyun-young played the role of “Yuri,” a wife who wisely and firmly supports her husband Hyun-woo, who is deeply swindled by her close friend and wants to end his life with depression and panic disorder.

Hyun-young recently joined as the master of “Mr. Trot 2” and presented “Emotional Screening” and received great acclaim from viewers for her role as the licorice of the master corps. In addition, he has consistently met the public as an all-around entertainer, winning the Best Supporting Actress Award in the Short Film category for his short film “Thank you for Black Bean Noodles.”

Hyun-young said, “As I’ve been studying acting for this role, I’ll show you a sincere and mature acting.”

Meanwhile, the independent film “One Day Again,” starring actor-broadcaster Hyun-young and theater actor-model Kim Ji-wan, will crank in at the end of this month.

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