Nexon’s “Beild Expert” will finally pay off after a year of quenching

Nexon’s “Beild Expert” will finally pay off after a year of quenching

Beild Expert

Nexon’s shooting game “Beild Expert” will begin the final beta test on March 30. The test, which runs until April 6, has an important meaning as a place where tests conducted over the past year finally pay off.

Wild Expert’ combines the strengths of existing shooting games so well that it can be called a comprehensive gift set for shooting games. Characters differentiated themselves with different passive and active skills, and purchased weapons and various strategic items as goods collected every round to draw diversity in play.

In particular, various modes that can be enjoyed alone or with team members have been implemented, and the elements that allow strategic play through objects that are destroyed according to confrontation situations are also impressive.

“Beild Expert” conducted its first alpha test in December 2021. It then went through a two-week beta test in June 2022. In other words, the current “beild expert” has been completed by steadily improving and refining through tests for more than a year.

The final beta test adds three new battle modes. Team death matches, 3-3 or 5-5 bombing missions, and individual showdowns will make their first appearance. There is also an AI battle for beginners, where you can enjoy team death matches and bombing missions. AI Daejeon has a minimum of two people, so it is suitable for anyone to easily access and learn how to play.

It will also be equipped with a competitive mode for skilled users who are familiar with games. Competition feels like a normal ranking match, and it is classified into eight classes. It is operated on a seasonal basis, and RP is obtained according to the winner or loser. As in most ranking matches, if you take a placement test through five games, you will be given a rating. A fierce confrontation between the elite and the expert, which are the top grades, is expected.

New content opens on a fixed schedule. On March 30, AI mode, team death match, and bombing mission will be opened. Subsequently, the competition will be held on April 1 and the showdown will be held on April 3, allowing participants to enjoy a variety of contents sequentially.

Three new maps will be added. Wheatfield is a simple and simple small map that suits death matches and small-scale bombing missions. “Alta City” has a wide map around a large museum, making it easy for various strategic variables to occur. The time zone of “Korea Town” is night, and the shape of the battlefield, which changes from time to time, such as the collapse of the building as the helicopter falls, leads to diversification of the route of progress, leading to strategic play.

The new character Mad Queen ‘Rita’ will also debut through this test. The super insider character “Rita” is externally energetic and is suitable for users who like close-up characters because it has an infighter tendency. In particular, various functions are exhibited when the tension rises as the hitting or surrounding objects are destroyed.

Candron and UPS are newly added new strategic items. The “UPS,” which looks like an umbrella, is a defensive item, and when installed, it is similar to a turret that scans a specific range around it and attacks an enemy that comes within a certain range. It can be opened like an umbrella, so it can also be used as a cover. A ‘candron’ is a throwing item that flies in front of the user. It has the nature of an entry item that destroys coverages and reveals the location of enemies through scans. It does not have the ability to attack the character directly. 파워볼실시간

Meanwhile, this test will be conducted together on the Steam and Nexon platforms. It is expected that many users will participate as it is possible to cross-play by operating in one DB rather than a separate service.

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