Napoli’s disbandment will become a reality but the key trio

Napoli’s disbandment will become a reality but the key trio coach and even Lee are rumored to be transferred


There is a steady possibility that Italy’s Serie A Napoli sensation could become a “poison” next season.

Napoli are at their best this season. In Serie A, he is the unrivaled No. 1 player with 71 points. It is 19 points apart from Lazio, the runner-up. In fact, it is confirmed that he will win the championship. It’s the first win in 33 years.

Napoli’s gust doesn’t end here, it’s commanding Europe. It reached the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League. It is the best performance in the club’s history. And there is even a prospect that Napoli can carefully go to the championship 토토검증

Then, all the main players of Napoli’s sensation were embroiled in strong transfer rumors. It is a key trio.

Major defender Kim Min-jae has been rumored to be transferred to Manchester United, Liverpool, and Paris Saint-Germain, while Victor Osimen has been caught on the radar of Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Hvicha Kvaratzhelia has been caught on the radar of Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Liverpool

It doesn’t end here, and coach Luciano Spalletti is also constantly rumored to be transferred. Recently, Antonio Conte was named as the candidate for the next coach of Tottum, who left.

Key trio and director. Rumors of a transfer never stop. This is Napoli’s leading winger Irving Rosano’s turn.

He is a winger from the Mexican national team and has been playing as a main player in Napoli since 2019. He scored three goals in 25 league games this season, and played seven UCL games.

Rosano is currently in the spotlight of Sevilla, Villarreal and Chelsea. Chelsea is especially active.

“Chelsea has offered to recruit Rosano,” said Ciro Venerato, an Italian football reporter and considered an expert in the transfer market. Sevilla and Villarreal were also in contact. Rosano will soon be negotiating a re-engagement with Napoli, but Rosano’s agents are in constant contact with clubs interested in him,” he said

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