Greenwood troubled Manchester United accused of rape

Greenwood troubled Manchester United accused of rape of 13 billion won in expected penalty of 110 million a week


Mason Greenwood continues to earn a weekly salary at Manchester United.

Britain’s Daily Mail reported on the 30th (Korea Standard Time) that “Greenwood heard that Manchester United’s investigation into his arrest on rape charges may not be able to return to training until the beginning of next season at a time when it is unlikely to end before summer.”

Greenwood reportedly met with Manchester United officials and conveyed his intention to return to the club. Currently, Greenwood is under investigation for rape and assault of his girlfriend, and all charges have been dropped. Greenwood was reunited with his girlfriend, had a child, and is expected to start a family.

The problem is that Manchester United is also divided over their return to Greenwood. It is true that Manchester United need Greenwood now. It is safe to say that Manchester United currently does not have a professional striker. Bout Berhosort was rushed to loan, but his performance was not satisfactory. Anthony Martial has been injured all season.

No starting resources, no backup strikers. In response, Manchester United is seeking to recruit Harry Kane and Victor Osimen. Even if Kane and Osimen are brought in as main players, backup resources are needed, so it will be a great help if Greenwood can return. Greenwood can also play as a right wing forward, so he has a lot of tactical value 사설토토사이트

However, there are concerns that it could damage the club’s image. Greenwood was not acquitted of rape charges. Even if Manchester United, a world-renowned club, gives a chance to a player suspected of rape to his girlfriend, Greenwood may continue to be criticized during his stay at Manchester United. As a result, Manchester United is conducting its own investigation into the Greenwood allegations.

In response, the Daily Mail said, “The club is divided on the Greenwood issue. “The power team’s staff insist on giving Greenwood a second chance, but the commercial team’s staff are concerned that it could damage the club’s image,” he explained.

Manchester United is also in a difficult situation. Greenwood is said to be still on the payroll because he continues to play for Manchester United. His weekly salary is 70,000 pounds (about 112 million won). If Manchester United cancels their contract with Greenwood, they will also have to pay a penalty. The estimated penalty for Greenwood, who signed with Manchester United until the 2024-25 season, is estimated to be as much as 8.1 million pounds (about 13 billion won)

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