Good-bye Liverpool Firmino please help me with the transfer

Good-bye Liverpool Firmino please help me with the transfer process


Roberto Firmino (Liverpool) is already praying for the transfer to go well.

According to a Twitter account by Fabrizio Romano, who is bright in the European football transfer market, Firmino said, “I’m praying to God a lot these days. “Please watch and help me while leaving Liverpool,” he said.

Earlier, Firmino decided to part ways with Liverpool as soon as this season was over. It has decided not to extend the contract ending in June 2023. In order not to meet Liverpool as an enemy, he reportedly ruled out a transfer within the English Premier League (EPL)

Firmino is Liverpool’s legendary striker. Since joining the team in 2015, he has scored 107 goals and 78 assists in 348 games (including cup competitions) in eight seasons. Many championship cups were also lifted. He has won the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in the 2018-2019 season, the EPL in the 2019-2020 season, the English FA Cup in the 2021-2022 season, and the Carabao Cup. He showed dedication with altruistic play and active defense participation to help fellow strikers score 토토사이트

Prmino also has a special affection for Liverpool. “As long as I’m in Liverpool, I’ll do my best until the end,” he said, stressing that he will also pour out his skills for the rest of the time.

According to Romano, two clubs have approached Firmino. But something is not yet to be decided

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