Loss of vision after LASIK LASEK

Loss of vision after LASIK LASEK


If it falls below 0.7, you’ll cringe and feel uncomfortable, so I recommend it. But if it’s uncomfortable because you can’t see 0.908 well, I do it If you have astigmatism, you may not be able to see your eyes, but you may be tired. If you can’t see Yang Hani well, it’s uncomfortable to drive at night. So, I do it for you if you want Osan. If my eyes keep getting worse, I might keep doing it

If it’s still in the cornea, it’s rare to do it that many times or more, and if you do it again, it doesn’t come out all the time, so you can do it twice or three times If you’re older than me, it doesn’t matter much about your age because of me, but if your testicles are in your mid-40s today, you can secure the exchange, so it’s better for your design to have your eyes worse If you know your cornea too well or if you have problems with your cornea

Since you can’t touch the cornea, there are cases where you don’t have to re-operate with LASIK or LASEK So it’s not like they can’t do it at all, they can do a lens implantation, and Lasik Lasek’s reoperation can be a little bit more tricky than the first surgery It can cost more because it requires more machines and more sophisticated surgical procedures But in fact, there are many cases where re-operation is done at no cost at the hospital

Because there are a lot of hospitals where we operate and give them lifetime guarantees So I said I’ll just do it again, because my eyes get bad So there are many cases where they don’t charge and do it properly, so when I go to the hospital where I operated, they just do it, so I didn’t want to go to that hospital, so I came now In this case, do it I’m just getting it the same way, but there are hospitals that are supposed to be more sophisticated and expensive I’ve seen cases where you get two or three times more, but it depends on the hospital

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