You don’t know how to lose Tampa Bay’s opening 10 consecutive

You don’t know how to lose Tampa Bay’s opening 10 consecutive wins vs. great


It was the first record in history since 1995 when Major League Baseball was reorganized into two leagues and three districts. The Tampa Bay Rays won 10 consecutive games in the opening game.

Tampa Bay played a home game against the Boston Red Sox at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, on the 11th (Korea Standard Time).

Tampa Bay won 1-0 thanks to the mound’s joint nine innings of three hits, no runs, 10 strikeouts, and Brandon Lowe’s winning shot in the eighth inning.

As a result, Tampa Bay won 10 consecutive games starting with the Detroit Tigers match on the 31st of last month and the Boston match on the same day.

Tampa Bay put Jailen Biggs as the two-inning opener and Josh Fleming as the four-inning bulk guy. Both pitchers had six scoreless innings in total.

In addition, Garrett Clevinger, Colin Foshe, and Pete Fairbanks blocked one inning without losing a point from the seventh inning, leading to a 1-0 victory.

The Tampa Bay batters failed to target Boston starter Nick Piveta, but Low hit a winning home run against Chris Martin in the eighth inning to get the one point needed for the victory.

Porsche, who was in charge of the eighth inning of the winning run, won the game, and Fairbanks, who blocked the ninth inning, got a save. On the other hand, Martin, who hit a home run, lost the game.

This is the first time since Major League Baseball has been split into two or three leagues. The previous record was the Kansas City Royals’ ninth consecutive win in 2003 파워볼사이트

There are still three wins left until the best record in this category. The Atlanta Braves in 1982 and the Milwaukee Brewers in 1987 won their opening 13 games in a row

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