Ravi will be faithful to his enlistment Prosecutors sentenced

Ravi will be faithful to his enlistment Prosecutors sentenced to two years in prison until the pledge


Prosecutors have demanded two years in prison and two years and six months in prison for Ravi (real name Kim Won-sik) and Nafla (Choenicolas Seok-bae), who are suspected of evading military service, respectively.

On the morning of the 11th, the first trial date for nine people, including Ravi and Nafla, who are suspected of violating the Military Service Act, was held at the Criminal Division 7 of the Seoul Southern District Court (Judge Kim Jung-ki).

Ravi and Nafla were put on trial on charges of avoiding military service by conspiring with military service broker Koo to submit a false epilepsy medical certificate.

According to the prosecutor’s indictment on that day, Ravi postponed his military service on October 8, 2012, due to reasons such as attending college, skin disease, and asthma after being diagnosed with a level 3 in a physical examination.

In addition, Ravi submitted a pledge to the Seoul Regional Military Manpower Administration to faithfully serve in the military in the future as it became difficult to postpone his military service after January 2021, when he was 28 years old.

Ravi admitted to the indictment, and the prosecution demanded two years in prison for Kim Won-sik and two years and six months for Choi Seok-bae.

Meanwhile, Ravi reportedly got to know Koo in 2021 and signed a contract worth 50 million won. Napla is accused of conspiring with Kim, co-CEO of Grublin, the agency, and Koo, the broker, to falsify the attendance records of social service personnel. It is said that he tried to be judged as unfit for service due to frequent early leave and sick leave.

Accordingly, it was investigated that Nafla did not go to work for 141 days during his service. Just as Nafla went to work, five government officials who helped him leave the service by falsifying official documents such as the attendance book were also in court on the same day

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