Stories of drug use at a club with acquaintances who are infants

Stories of drug use at a club with acquaintances who are infants


Second summons after police investigation of accomplices

While the police are investigating the existence of an accomplice who took drugs with actor Yoo Ah-in, witnesses of Yoo Ah-in and his acquaintances taking drugs at the Itaewon club are shocking.

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said on the 10th, “We are additionally investigating accomplices who took drugs with Yoo Ah-in ahead of the second summoning investigation of Yoo Ah-in.” As soon as the complementary investigation into accomplices and others is completed, the government plans to conduct a second summons investigation.

Meanwhile, the Kookmin Ilbo reported that Yoo Ah-in was suspected of taking drugs with acquaintances at the Itaewon club. According to the media, Yoo Ah-in and acquaintances have been frequently seen in Lounge A, Club B, and Club C in Itaewon since October last year. In particular, Yoo Ah-in’s party said that they used the innermost seat of Club B, which has darker internal lighting than other clubs, as a reserved seat, and burned something in the form of cigarettes here, which is different from the general cigarette scent. He also added that Yoo Ah-in and his party did not order much alcohol, but they were too drunk to go out.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah-in has been under police investigation for allegedly habitually administering propofol at hospitals in Gangnam and Yongsan, Seoul, since early 2021. From the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Yoo Ah-in reported to the police that “he took propofol 73 times in 2021 and the total dose exceeded 4,400ml,” and tested positive for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main ingredient of hemp, in urine and hair collection tests of body raids. In addition, cocaine and ketamine were detected in the National Forensic Service’s precise evaluation. In response, the police conducted a search and seizure of Yoo Ah-in’s current residence and two former homes located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, and secured evidence to prove Yoo Ah-in’s alleged drug use in the search and seizure of his home

Yoo Ah-in attended the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit on the 27th of last month and was investigated for about 12 hours. On this day, Yoo Ah-in told reporters, “Personally, I think I was in the wrong swamp in self-rationalization that my deviant acts do not harm anyone,” adding, “I know you’re very uncomfortable to see me, but I want to use these moments as an opportunity to live a healthy life that I haven’t lived in the past.” I’m so sorry to disappoint you,” he bowed

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