Chairman of LaPorta will return after Messi Barcelona’s sudden

Chairman of LaPorta will return after Messi Barcelona’s sudden agreement to cut his salary


Lionel Messi (36) seems to have decided to return to Barcelona. Primera Liga Chairman Javier Tebas recognized the agreement between Barcelona and Messi. Barcelona’s chairman also responded positively to Messi’s return.

“Barcelona and Messi have agreed to transfer this summer,” said Spanish transfer market expert Gerard Romero on the 18th (Korea Standard Time). The president of the Primera Liga Tebas also already knows the agreement. Recently, Messi found a home in Barcelona, and he is even preparing to cut his salary to return to Barcelona,” he reported.

Messi left Barcelona in 2021 to join Paris Saint-Germain. He never left the team as a former member of Barcelona’s youth team “Lamasia,” but failed to sign the contract due to a red light on Barcelona’s finances.

After a tearful press conference, he left for Paris Saint-Germain. After adjusting to Paris Saint-Germain, he showed the world’s best performance. After this summer, the existing two-year contract ends, and there is an option to extend it by one year on the table, but Messi’s response is cold.

Messi’s refusal to propose Saudi Arabia has narrowed his options. High-ranking officials of Barcelona seriously considered returning to Messi. Barcelona’s vice chairman publicly announced, “I want you to come back here,” and Chairman Juan Laporta and his father Jorge Messi met.

On top of that, there was even a report that “Chairman LaPorta acknowledged Messi’s return.” When a fan asked LaPorta, “Is Messi coming back to Barcelona?” on the way to Getafe, he replied, “Yes.” A video of a short conversation spread online, adding to rumors of Messi’s return 토토검증추천

Barcelona should consider financial fair play (FFP) regulations with high-ranking officials in the Primera Liga. I am thinking about how to cover Messi’s ransom within FFP regulations and salary caps. However, it was found that the president of the Primera Liga is aware of Messi’s return, and Messi is also willing to cut his salary.

The ‘romantic’ of returning to Barcelona for the first time in two years this summer is likely to become a reality

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