Drojan, thirsty for victory, made a lot of money

Drojan, thirsty for victory, made a lot of money, now he wants to win.


If Drojan wants to win, he is willing to take Paycut.

San Antonio Spurs guard Derma Drojan recently appeared on the sports podcast “Club Shaysay,” hosted by former footballer Shannon Sharp, to talk about his future course of action.

Drojan, whose contract with San Antonio ended last season, currently belongs to an unrestricted free agent status. In other words, it’s not strange for him to move to any team. Sharp also learned of this and asked Drojan questions about his future course of action.

“I have to weigh my career and my chances of winning,” said Drojan. I’ve been lucky enough to make a lot of money. Now, my ultimate goal is to win,” he said, expressing his desire to win.

In fact, Drojan has already played on the NBA stage with a high salary. During the Toronto Raptors’ 2016-2017 season, DeRojan won a massive contract worth $139 million for five years and earned more than $27 million in salary just before the season.

The star player, who has been on a high salary for 12 seasons, was thirsty for victory.

In addition, questions about the Los Angeles Lakers, which have been cited as the strongest destination for Drojan’s future team, have not been missed. The Lakers have a clear one-two punch, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, asking whether Drojan can coexist with them. Drojan answered the question with an example.

Referring to last season’s Brooklyn Nets situation, “The top three scorers (Kaylee Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden) have balanced. It’s a pity that they didn’t stay healthy on the playoffs, but they had a great rhythm to play with. “It’s possible (coexistence).” He expressed his confidence.

Drojan averaged 21.6 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 6.9 assists this season. It is true that the volume of the stats has decreased compared to the past, but his skills have not been rusty enough to be called the Big Three if he joins the Lakers. Of course, it is not yet known whether Drojan will be wearing a Lakers uniform. But DeRojan’s positive response to the Lakers could be a decisive hint of his future course of action.

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