Lim Young-woong Na Hoon-ah a class like Shim Soo-bong

Lim Young-woong Na Hoon-ah a class like Shim Soo-bong but a simple neighborhood bachelor

Lim Young-woong

Singer Lim Young-woong looked as simple as a young man in the neighborhood even with Na Hoon-ah and Shim Soo-bong’s performance fee.

On the 17th, on the YouTube channel “PD Kwon’s Beautiful Gossip,” producer Kwon Jae-young, a former KBS producer who directed Lim Young-woong’s KBS solo show “We’re HERO,” unraveled the behind-the-scenes story of the casting and preparation process.

“I’ll tell you exactly,” he said first. He said, “The performance fee has not been set.” “When making a broadcast program, the total production cost comes out exactly. There are various detailed items under it, and Lim Young-woong’s performance fee is blank. He explained, “First of all, it was based on the premise of casting.”

In response, Lee Se-joon, a glass box, said, “Then we can organize it like this. “If we have to consider the value of the performance fee, there is no shortage of 100 million or 200 million, but there was no such mention in the first place,” he added.

In addition, producer Kwon Jae-young said, “It was when Na Hoon-ah and Shim Soo-bong were already on KBS.” The next big project was needed, but when Lim Young-woong’s contract for TV shipbuilding ended, KBS said, “Let’s catch it.” He said, “We need to create a big program that highlights Lim Young-woong.” Na Hoon-ah, he said we should produce a show as an extension of Shim Soo-bong.”

Producer Kwon Jae-young continued to tell an episode on the day he first met Lim Young-woong after the concert was confirmed, saying, “I came out wearing black sweatpants and a black hoodie,” adding, “I felt like a bachelor in the neighborhood.” He also laughed by saying, “If you add a prop to that appearance, it’s a black plastic bag.”

Meanwhile, Lim Young-woong recently became a hot topic for showing manners while hosting the K League kickoff

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