Cost of the Dream Lens Calibration

Cost of the Dream Lens Calibration


Dream lens is called Dream lens. If you sleep with hard lens on your eyes, the hard lens presses the cornea. If you take it out in the morning, your myopia decreases. It doesn’t come up right away. It’s called Dream lens

Dream Lens prevents myopia and suppresses progression, so it’s recommended by kids who use it a lot Dream Lens is the only treatment that suppresses myopia that children develop the most when they are in the 1st to 3rd grade That’s why Dream Lens got more attention Minji doesn’t have any substance. If you look at the papers, there aren’t that many if you wear dream lenses

For example, I don’t have six high myopia, but a child who is about six diopters progresses only to about four dioptersIt’s like this Most of them say they don’t force them to do it, but the only thing I don’t like is to put on dream lenses so that they don’t look too myopic and don’t show your level without glasses. For that, it’s best to do it in the 9th grade, which is the fastest It’s the most effective. When you’re older, you’re short-sighted, so it stops at about 99%

Since my nearsightedness isn’t hosting, I eat more. No, the effect isn’t meaningful It just temporarily removes the writing so that I can see far away without glasses or lenses Dream lens is very expensive. It’s cheap, but there are ones that cost more than 700 to 1 million won. If you recommend LASIK or LASEK, and you think it’s too scary to get your eyesight corrected, Dream lens can be a good alternative

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