Trouble in Phoenix’s Troubles PO too

Trouble in Phoenix’s Troubles PO too


Phoenix’s woes are deepening

The Phoenix Suns won 121-114 against the Denver Nuggets in Game 3 of the second round of the 2023 NBA playoffs at Footprint Center in Arizona on the 6th (Korea Standard Time). Phoenix, who returned home after losing two consecutive away games, succeeded in counterattacking and made the series record one win and two losses.

Devin Booker played all-time. Booker led the team with 47 points, nine assists and six rebounds. The reason why Booker’s performance was all-time is efficiency. Of the 25 field trips attempted on this day, 20 were successful, recording an 80% success rate of field trips. In other words, he went in when he threw a shot.

On top of that, Kevin Durant also helped Booker with 39 points, 8 assists, and 9 rebounds. Phoenix was able to win with the power of one-two punches despite Chris Paul’s absence.

The problem is that, except for Durant and Booker, Phoenix had no players who scored double-digit points on the day. Of course, I can understand it when I think of Paul’s absence and Debs, who has been thinned through Durant trade. But there is a player I don’t understand. It’s DeAndre Aitten.

Aitten played only 26 minutes and had four points and nine rebounds. There were only six attempts at fielding and none of the free throws were obtained. In other words, the initiative is completely missing.

Manager Monty Williams, angered by Aiton’s appearance, reduced Aiton’s playing time and appointed backup center Jok Landale. Unlike Ayrton, Landale was active in offense and defense and faced Jokic at his best.

Ahead of the series against Denver, Phoenix had high expectations for Ayrton. Aitten has been tasked with defending Nikola Jokic and is a player who can expect to score more than double digits in offense.

However, Aitten is a mess in both offense and defense in the series against Denver. He has no control over Jokic in defense and his aggression has disappeared in the attack.

Eventually, he began to use Landale, a backup center. It’s the worst playoff for Ayrton. In an interview after the game, Williams praised Landale for his aggressiveness. You can see what Phoenix wants from Ayrton.

From Phoenix’s point of view, Aitten is a player who has to be saved somehow. Aitten has experience of showing good performance against Jokic in the playoffs and is the second most expected player after Durant and Booker. Phoenix’s victory is impossible unless Booker and Durant control all the games if Ayrton continues to stay the same 실시간토토

Phoenix has succeeded in reversing the mood at home and has overcome a major crisis, but it is still at a disadvantage. Game 4 will be held at Phoenix Home on the 8th

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