Ed Sheeran Will Come to Korea in 2024 After 6 Years of Plagiarism

Ed Sheeran Will Come to Korea in 2024 After 6 Years of Plagiarism


Singer Ed Sheeran gave a surprise spoiler on his plan to visit Korea.

Kakao Entertainment’s music platform Melon released content related to Ed Sheeran’s last four-rule calculation series album [-] through online and offline new lighting service Melon Spotlight and original audio content service Melon Station POPCAST on the 5th.

Ed Sheeran has released several episodes related to the release of his new album through the melon station “POPCAST”.

Ed Sheeran cited “No Strings” as his favorite song in the album and explained, “This album is sad overall, but this song ends hopefully and ends nicely.”

The full-length album [-] tells the most honest story of Ed Sheeran, who sublimated pain and negative emotions into hope by composing them. In this regard, Ed Sheeran said, “I learned something while talking about the feelings I had in my heart. There were so many people who contacted me that they felt exactly the same as me, he said. “I want to tell you to talk when you feel lonely.” “Because I can relate to it,” he said.

Regarding his plan to visit Korea, he also said, “I want to go to Korea. “I think there will be a tour next year,” he announced the surprise news. In addition, Ed Sheeran had a meaningful time answering various questions that Korean fans were curious about.

Earlier, Ed Sheeran won a lawsuit for the first time in six years in connection with allegations that he plagiarized the song of Marvin Gay (1939-1984), a legend of soul music in the U.S. in the 70s

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