If you eat sweet chocolate in the morning, you lose weight.

If you eat sweet chocolate in the morning, you lose weight.


Many people think that sweet food is not good for their health unconditionally. However, studies show that eating an appropriate amount of chocolate at a certain time can result in body fat burning.

Researchers at Brigham Women’s Hospital in the U.K. asked 19 menopause women to eat 100 grams of chocolate for 14 days ▲ an hour after waking up ▲ an hour before bed.

The chocolate used in the test contained cocoa (18.1g), fat (31g), carbohydrates (58.4g, of which 57.5g were sugar), and theobromine and caffeine per 100g of chocolate were 215mg and 2.06mg, respectively.

The test was conducted in a random and cross-sectional manner, and the researchers compared and analyzed various body changes between participants and control groups that did not eat chocolate.

As a result, there was a change in the composition of ▲ intestinal microorganisms ▲ appetite (decrease) ▲ sleep (increase in nap) if chocolate was consumed within an hour after waking up, but there was no change in weight.

Rather, if you eat chocolate after waking up, your waist size decreased by about 1.7 percent.

In addition, overall appetite, including sweet food consumption, has decreased, while fat combustion has increased by about 25%.

The researchers analyzed that theobromine, methylxanthine, and flavanol in chocolate generated heat and increased fat combustion.

A recent study found that cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate, improves eye health.

A research team from Complutensee University in Madrid, Spain divided 37 people into three groups to provide redberry drinks, cocoa drinks and milk, respectively.

As a result, the group’s daytime vision of drinking cocoa drinks has improved by more than 0.04 log MAR (pre-surgery maximum calibration vision, meaning the closer to zero, the better vision).

The research team attributed the improvement of polyphenol vascular endothelial and cerebellar blood flow functions, which include flavanol, which is an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and antioxidant ingredient in cocoa.

Meanwhile, Harvard University School of Health recommends choosing dark chocolate containing more than 70 percent of cacao to gain health benefits such as flavanol while eating chocolate.

As the cacao ratio increases, the sweetness decreases and the bitterness becomes stronger, but the health benefits increase. ​

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