Teeth life after crown nerve treatment

Teeth life after crown nerve treatment


I’m going to answer the question, “If you get a crown or nerve treatment, will you get an implant because it shortens your life expectancy As you all know, cavity treatment can be divided into 123 stages depending on the depth of the tooth, the first stage is treated with a small cavity resin, and the second stage is treated with a medium cavity, usually called inlay And lastly, in the case of the third stage, where the cavity is very large, depending on the size, the crown or nerve treatment is accompanied

If you have a crown or nerve treatment, it’s said that the third stage is a cavity, which means that the condition of the basement is very weak and it’s not an infection, but it’s progressing In this case, the hospital removes the crowns and nerve treatments and repairs some of the missing teeth to restore the shape of the monthly teeth, and because one tooth is not good, the first or second stage of resin treatment is shorter than the condition But without this treatment

Anyway, if you get a crown or nerve treatment, you have to take it out and implant it, so I won’t get it. If you get a cavity with a three-stage life span, you might have to take out your teeth faster or endure pain. But if you get a nerve treatment and restore it to your original shape, it won’t be as good as the second stage

If you say this in numbers, it’s not like you didn’t get appendicitis treatment, but rather than the first and second stages, the average life expectancy of crowns or nerve treatments is 10% That means that if you look at the teeth that were treated in step 12 for 20 years, the life span of a third-stage crown or a nerve-treated tooth is at least seven years, so giving these precious teeth without treatment is much greater than that

So if you’re watching this, don’t be too negative about nerve treatment, but rather think that it’s a good treatment that can be used for as long as possible by relieving the infection and relieving the pain, and don’t hesitate to get treatment as soon as possible

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