There’s no The Glory Park Yeonjin Im Jiyeon is a devastating victim

There’s no The Glory Park Yeonjin Im Jiyeon is a devastating victim


Lim Ji-yeon’s still cut, which is once again making a sensational acting transformation through “House with a yard,” has been unveiled.

On the 17th, Genie TV’s original “House with a Yard” (playwright Gianni, director Jung Ji-hyun) presented a still cut of Lim Ji-yeon. “House with a yard” is a drama based on a best-selling novel of the same name and is a suspense thriller in which two women who lived completely different lives meet due to the suspicious smell of the backyard.

House with a yard, which stimulates curiosity with a single line of mystery that says, “The backyard smells like a dead body,” is a drama called “Enter a search word.” It is attracting attention as a new work by “hit maker” director Jung Ji-hyun, who was recognized for his sensuous directing skills with “WW” and “Twenty-five Twenty-one.” On top of that, solid actors such as Kim Tae-hee (played by Moon Joo-ran), Lim Ji-yeon (played by Abstract), Kim Sung-oh (played by Park Jae-ho), and Choi Jae-rim (played by Kim Yoon-beom) are working together to predict the birth of a well-made thriller.

Among them, Lim Ji-yeon’s still, who plays the main character “Sang-eun,” has been released for the first time, drawing attention. In the drama, Lim Ji-yeon will play the role of “Sang-eun,” a victim of domestic violence who dreams of escaping from a sinister reality, and will portray the inherent desire to escape from a hellish reality with a strong performance. Lim Ji-yeon, who showed an unlimited acting spectrum between movies and dramas, won the TV category’s supporting actress award at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards, making 2023 the year of Lim Ji-yeon. As a result, attention is being paid to another syndrome that Lim Ji-yeon, who returned with an overwhelming thriller, will evoke through “House with a Madang.”

Among them, Lim Ji-yeon in the stillness, which was released, catches the eye as she embodies the unfortunate situation of a woman driven into domestic violence with her whole body. Im Ji-yeon’s desperate eyes, which are reflected through the gap in her hair, are regrettable. In addition, Lim Ji-yeon is looking at herself in front of the bathroom mirror in a sleeveless shirt, and the protruding collarbone, skinny arms, and dark blue bruises covering the upper body cause the viewer to sigh. Moreover, unlike a skinny body, the convex belly suggests that he is pregnant, further doubling the shock. As a result, attention is being paid to Lim Ji-yeon’s new acting transformation, which has changed 180 degrees from “school violence perpetrator” to “domestic violence victim.”

On the other hand, the coolness emitted by Lim Ji-yeon makes my hands sweat. There is a sense of darkness and wriggling desire beyond the dry, empty eyes. Expectations rise vertically for Lim Ji-yeon’s overwhelming passionate performance at “House with a yard” that makes viewers hold their breath just by looking at her eyes. In addition, Lim Ji-yeon will be at the center of a huge mystery, intertwining with Kim Tae-hee, who plays the role of “Juran,” who is confused by the smell of a corpse in her yard. Curiousness is growing over how Lim Ji-yeon will relate to the smell of corpses in Kim Tae-hee’s yard.

Meanwhile, “House with a yard” will be available on Genie TV, Genie TV Mobile, and ENA on June 19

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