Why doesn’t a black person dub the Little Mermaid?

Why doesn’t a black person dub the Little Mermaid? Western media cast Daniel


Disney’s live-action movie “The Little Mermaid” was released on the 24th, and controversy over the movie continues.

Daniel, a member of the group New Jeans, will dub Korean for “The Little Mermaid,” and the response to the casting was mixed from the beginning. Concerns poured out over Daniel’s inaccurate Korean pronunciation and lack of voice actor experience, but the situation changed when Daniel’s video singing “Part of Your World” was released, and many people praised Daniel’s singing skills and visuals. Some even commented that the young and pure voice of the Little Mermaid suits Daniel better than Harley Bailey, who has a high-quality singing and mature voice.

However, some Western critics are angry about Daniel’s casting.

Recently, the movie media Tomatazos reported that Daniel was the voice of Ariel and criticized him as “colorism, or discrimination against skin color.” Since the main actor is black, the actor in charge of Korean dubbing should also be black.

The media said, “Daniel has a natural singing ability and talent like Harley Bailey, but the skin color contrast is noticeable,” and explained, “In the East, white skin is too important, which is one of Korea’s racist expressions.”

Earlier, Daniel’s “Part of Your World” video not only topped the popular video list as soon as it was released, but also received a lot of attention overseas as it recorded higher views than the Harley Bailey version. In addition, Disney Korea actively promoted Daniel’s video in Korea.

Regarding Daniel’s casting, Disney said, “Daniel was finally selected after an instant singing and dialogue test with only a score given at the audition site. “It was not an easy challenge to perform Korean songs and lines according to Ariel’s English mouth shape and timing on the screen, but it drew good responses from officials,” he said.

Meanwhile, Disney’s live-action film ‘The Little Mermaid’ is being shown in theaters in high praise

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